Teach English Online – Be a New Kind of Teacher

The Oklahoma teachers' riots.

In 2018, “one million workers quit public-education positions.” That’s the highest quit rate in public education in over 15 years. “’Part of it was compensation,’ said Alice Cain, executive vice president of Teach Plus.” What part was it for you?

Poor teaching conditions, tight budgets, and meager raises started a march out the classroom. During the 2008 recession, when unemployment was reaching 10%, teaching was safe. But with pay still 5% lower than it was in 2009, 83 teachers out of 10,000 have left the profession altogether.

The education system hasn’t changed significantly in decades. And thousands have decided to jump ship. The system is clearly failing these teacher. Sadly, it’s failing their students more.

School districts in many states have not fully recovered since 2008. And the road to recovery gets longer as schools are strangled by budget constraints and low wages.

Students across America, the next generation, aren’t a priority according to the money trail. But is this the decline of public education or a shift in how education is done?

As more classrooms empty, online venues multiply. The internet used to be a valuable asset in the classroom, but now it’s the whole experience. Online education is exploding. It’s a new opportunity for teachers to make what they’re worth. Now is the best time to teach English online.

An "I teach English" mug.

Teaching English online is like finding a random curly fry in your order of waffle fries. It’s everything you love and little extra.

Teaching English online has exploded as an industry. Demand worldwide for teachers and native English speakers to teach English online is higher than ever.

Why not start a business doing what you love? Teaching kids to be better tomorrow. Teaching English online can be a great full-time income. But it can also take you back to where it all started somewhere new. Like Alice Cain said, the money was part of it, “but part of this was that their students weren’t valued.”

Below are some of the benefits of starting a teaching career from your own home.

The Perks:

  1. No Overtime: When class is over, so is work. Teachers don’t spend extra unpaid hours grading papers, contacting parents, planning lessons, or meeting with faculty.
  2. One-On-One Lessons: Most platforms teaching English online are designed one-on-one. Teachers can focus all their attention on one student’s progress per class.
  3. Competitive Wages: There is a lot of demand for professionals who can teach English online. While the highest demand is in China, this is a worldwide phenomenon. As a result, there are hundreds of services hiring.
  4. Set Your Schedule: You decide when you’ll be available to teach. Teach online on your time!
  5. Freedom to Teach Anywhere: Teachers don’t need to plan a trip around their schedule, they can plan their schedule around their trip. Teach at home or teach abroad, in the basement or on the beach.

These are the perks everyone knows. But different companies have unique benefits like incentive pay, free self-development, and travel opportunities. There are so many opportunities for you. I want to share the one that changed everything for me.

VIPKID is a leading platform in online English learning. Based in China, they offer English education services to over 600,000 students, 4-14 years old. While only 5 years old, they have dominated the online education space in China.

So what is VIPKID? I’ve actually gone into that in more detail in another article. I also talk about their history and most recent million dollar deal on this page. You can also go directly to the source here and hear it straight from the internet.

VIPKID isn’t the best option for everyone though. They have a list of requirements for new teachers. Find out if you meet them here. Fortunately, this is a fast-growing space so it’s not your only option to teach online.

If you do choose to teach with VIPKID, I’d be happy to get you into the classroom. Send me an email or apply with my link below, and I’ll help you through every step of the hiring process.

I’ve been teaching with VIPKID for over a year and have helped many others become teachers already. I’m TEFL certified, have taught English to non-native speakers outside of VIPKID before. And I’d be delighted to help you become a VIPKID teacher so you can meet some of these awesome kiddos.

Want to Apply?

If you already know you want to work for VIPKID, apply here. I can help you every step of the way! I’ve already gone through the process myself. I’ve also guided others through it successfully to become VIPKID teachers.

The application process can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. However, the process has changed recently to give you a better chance of being hired. Find out what’s new!

Still have some questions? Feel free to message us at info@ezteachonline.com for more information.